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Venus of Love in Capricorn

Venus is in Capricorn from January 8-February 1. Venus in Capricorn is a cycle in which security and stability in our relationships is paramount. We are more cautious with our emotions, and somewhat skeptical of both our own feelings and others’ expressions of affection. Longevity is important to us under this influence. There is a formality to Capricorn that can make personal expressions seem awkward and forced. However, this cycle offers us the opportunity to consider some of the practical issues of our relations and to work on making our partnerships work in the real world. A dose of realism in our personal lives can help us to feel more grounded and secure in the long run.

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Although Venus is in many ways agreeably situated in Capricorn, people born with this configuration have some very contradictory impulses to resolve. Much depends on whether the higher or lower side of the combination prevails. If Saturn’s chill hardens the heart and restricts the Venusian capacity for love, then this position can betray the calculating ambition of one who marries for money and trades on sentiment for the sake of personal gain. A need to fortify the ego by surrounding it with possessions of demonstrable value crushes the tender emotions of Venus under the wheels of the Capricornian drive for power. Sexual inhibitions may grow out of fears instilled by strict social taboos, or there may be a rather mechanical approach to sex in which erotic techniques are substituted for the simple capacity to love.

When well aspected, Venus in Capricorn is loyal, trustworthy, and steadfast. Feelings may be more profoundly experienced as a result of being held in reserve and not wasted in casual demonstrations of affection. Sometimes a desire for security, combined with a fear of being rebuffed, delays marriage and tempers ardor with caution. One way or another, love is hedged round with practical considerations. The necessity for restraint, although frustrating in youth, pays unexpected dividends as the years pass. Saturn needs time to mellow before it can show itself at its best.

Men of this type tend to be self-abnegating and their romantic impulses are subordinated to their professional duties. Such men wed for a variety of practical reasons but, in reality, their first love is their work. Often their wives help them in their business, a practice which may benefit both marriage and career.

In the lives of immature people or of those driven mainly by physical appetites, this blending of influences can have a coarsening effect. Venus panders to the senses while Saturn hardens the ego, intensifying the materiality of an earth planet in an earth sign. For mature individuals, this same position can be remarkably productive. It gives a sense of order and proportion which contributes to the success of their endeavors in whatever field they make their own. If a thing is to be done at all, they will take the time and care to see that it is done right.

Venus in Capricorn translates personal affections into emotional discipline. True love must have time to grow. It endures patiently, suffers uncomplainingly, and remains faithful to the finish. Ultimately, this abiding devotion justifies all the vicissitudes of a life lived for others, and serves as an example of the highest moral precepts held forth by the teachers of the race.

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Venus is the second sphere through which solar power passes on its way outward through the solar system. Yet from our point of view on earth, Venus is the first planet on the inside of our orbit going towards the sun. As such Venus represents the drive inward toward center, which meets the out-surging solar flow.

While Mercury represents meeting experience at the level of the mind, Venus refers to the inner value we give experience at the feeling-level. It is often said that Venus is the planet of love and attraction, but it can just as well be the planet of hate and repulsion, according to the inner value we give to certain experiences. Venus’ loves and aversions draw us into some experiences, and pull us away from others. Those we enter into provide the substance for our inner growth and fulfillment.

Ideally, Venus represents harmony, for if we are attuned with our inner being, we naturally attract what will help develop and fulfill us. This meshing of a need with what will answer it is the true harmony Venus symbolizes. Venus can thus be a symbol of all harmonious relationships, of beauty, and of our need to give and receive appreciation.

But when the Venus function becomes deviated by insecurity, it can negatively refer to self-indulgence, narcissism, inappropriate emotional frivolity and unrealistic demands for love or luxury.

Article Copyright ©2013 by Leyla Rael