Energy Activation for Business

Create the Foundation for Optimum Growth, Success,

Creativity, Passion and Prosperity.

Energy Activation and Empowerment creates a harmonious flow in business in order to attract business success, increase company prosperity, strengthen the well-being and passion of employees, transform business practices that are no longer working, and allow the creative process to flourish.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, own a small business, manage a team or run a large organization, activating the energy and vibration in your business is imperative to creating a company culture that cultivates creativity, collaboration and clear communication.

What is an Energy Activation and Empowerment Session?

As a culture and people, we are learning to tune in to non-verbal communications of spirit and healing in both business and in our personal lives. There is a mass awakening to and an emphasis in tapping into our creative depths through visceral visual and symbolic approaches to design, business and communication.

No matter what the size or type of your business, Heidi has created a powerful set of tools and techniques for creating an energized and empowered work environment to give a boost to your bottom line. In this session, Heidi will utilize a powerful blend of Divine Design psychology, Color Conceptualization, Space Revitalization and Light and Energy Activation Grids (aka Light Language Grids), and her innovative Creative Visioning and Dream Mapping process.

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Benefits for Business?

• Cultivate foundation for optimum growth, prosperity and cash flow
• Become a business leader who people trust and want to emulate
• Attract the paying clients who are aligned with your value & vision
• Create a soul-minded vision, business, products and services that excite and engage your team, core clients customers and vendors
• Create a more heart-centered confident relationship with your business, team and clients
• Create dynamic team building & interaction
• Connect with, support and be supported by the community at a deeper level
• Increase circulation and effectiveness of marketing materials

Benefits of Space & Environment Revitalization

Learning to capture and activate the energy of your space and objects within your space is essential for business success. Heidi will help you inject powerful energies to create a vibrant, joyful, inspiring environment that supports the Creative Genius in each and every one of us.

• Clear clutter & stagnate energy
• Stabilize and invite beneficial energies into your space
• Create an environment that encourages inspiration, creativity and supportive communication
• Create an inspiring desk space at which to work and create
• Clear energy around your phone for clear, concise and productive communication
• Infuse your conference table with energies that will encourage supportive and healthy communication with your team and clients
• Invigorate your office space with nurturing plants and gardens

Personal Benefits

• Expand consciousness & create a deeper spiritual connection
• Heighten intuition and psychic abilities
• Create a sense of deep inner-peace and harmony
• Open up to higher frequencies of love
• Create harmonious relationships & partnerships
• Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
• Increase energy and vitality
• Clear stagnant energy
• Obtain relief from stress and anxiety
• Clear and upgrade cellular memory
• Detoxify
• Break free of fear-based emotions and long-held limitations
• Gain a higher perspective of relationships
• Partial or complete healing of over 200 types of health issues and disease
• Access deeper trust, faith, and unconditional love of self and others
• Stimulate an abundance of cash

**These are benefits have been reported, however, cannot be guaranteed.  Each client’s ability to heal depends on their openness to receiving the healing, and what the body can handle at the time.

Benefits for Planet, Community & Humanity

Raise the level of consciousness and awareness to divinely support organizations, communities, states, countries, the environment, the animal kingdom and our beloved planet.

What is an Energy and Activation Grid?

Light & Energy Activation Grids are highly sophisticated personalized energy combinations created with sequences of sacred geometric shapes and colors. The grids are sent to your aura and or the energy in an environment or in an object to manifest intentions gently, easily and quickly.  As a result your energy changes to hold the new higher vibration of light to awaken special gifts and celebrate your light.

What is Light Language?

Light Language is an ancient Mayan system that creates healing by using light, color and sacred geometry. Light Language is a powerful tool for manifesting goals and desires by changing one’s energetic vibration and working to align with one’s higher purpose. By using Light Language grids, you consciously create intent that can result in instant and long-lasting positive changes within yourself, your environment and your life.

Light Language pairs colors with specific shapes that occur repeatedly in nature. These colored shapes are emanated as wordless prayers formed from the building blocks of the Universe. The prayer is clear and direct, free of the clouded connotations that words carry, and the Universe responds with miracles.  It carries encodements to raise your vibration in a BEAUTIFUL way raising your consciousness, clearing all blockages, bringing deep healing, and activating DNA.

Passed down for 25+ generations from an unbroken lineage of Curanderos, Light Language is a “caught” teaching transmitted directly from teacher to student. Light Language is currently practiced and taught in many countries including

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