Energy Healing & Light Activation

Activate Inner Power

Energy Healing & Light Activation will tend to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life by attracting and circulating fresh energy throughout your body, your environment and with the objects with which you associate on a daily basis.  Heidi’s intuitive approach of integrating the use of the color, energy, light and sacred geometry will balance and enhance your body’s chakras, change your energetic vibration, and align you with your higher purpose.

Heidi will create a series of Energy & Light Activation Grids, also known as Mayan Light Language Grids, that will assist you in attracting prosperity, manifesting intentions, creating meaningful relationships, relieving stress and clearing limiting beliefs to support your most vibrant health.

More about Energy Healing & Light Activation

Think of yourself as a vibrational transmitter. You are constantly sending out signals that tell the Universe who you are in this moment. Those signals will either attract or repel other vibrational beings, events, and experiences.

Energy Healing works by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in your aura. By improving your energy flow, you raise and connect to your inner spiritual awareness, the creative power of the Universe that is inside each and every one of us.

Light Activation activates your energy and your light body by tuning you into higher levels of frequency.  As you learn to connect with your body’s energies and tap into its rich layers of inner wisdom, you activate your higher path and purpose.

Benefits of Energy Healing & Light Activation

• Imagine confidently radiating a higher vibration wherever you go, knowing that by just walking into a room you will spread inspiration and healing to  whomever you encounter.

• Realign your energy system to its true Divine nature and evoke a deeper connection to the rhythm and pulse of the Universe, and access a field of potential that is Limitless, Creative and Expansive.

• By improving your energy flow you raise and connect to your inner spiritual awareness and the creative power of the Universe that is inside each and every one of us.

• Your energies are a bridge between your body and soul, and are the foundation for optimum health and well-being. When you learn to tap into these higher octaves of inner wisdom and call in all that your heart desires, you ACTIVATE your Higher purpose and AWAKEN to your inner Magic.

Personal Benefits

• Expand consciousness & create a deeper spiritual connection
• Heighten intuition and psychic abilities
• Create a sense of deep inner-peace and harmony
• Access deeper trust, faith, and unconditional love of self and others
• Create harmonious relationships & partnerships
• Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
• Increase energy and vitality
• Create consistent cash, prosperity and material abundance
• Obtain relief from stress and anxiety
• Break free of fear based emotions and long-held limitations
• Partial or complete healing of over 200 types of health issues and disease

Business Benefits

• Stabilize and invite beneficial energies into your office space
• Create, enhance and strengthen dynamic team building & interaction
• Create empowering, inspiring and successful project and product designs
• Attract the paying clients who are aligned with your value & vision
• Increase circulation of marketing materials, bring attention to products
• Put muscle behind growth and prosperity

Environmental Benefits

Clear clutter & stagnate energy, stabilize and invite beneficial energies into your space, create an environment that encourages inspiration, creativity and supportive communication.

Benefits for Animals

Animals, in common with all other living beings, have a chakra system and are connected to the Universal energy flow just as we humans are. Energy healing can assist your animal recover from an illness, recover from pre/post surgery, anxiety and for maintain overall health and well-being of your pets. Animal energy healing can be transmitted and received because animals tend to have less resistance to change than humans do.

Benefits for Planet, Community & Humanity

Raise the level of consciousness and awareness to divinely support organizations, communities, states, countries, the environment, the animal kingdom and our beloved planet.

**These are benefits have been reported, however, cannot be guaranteed.  Each client’s ability to heal depends on their openness to receiving the healing, and what the body can handle at the time.

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What is an Energy and Light Activation Grid?

Light & Energy Activation Grids are highly sophisticated personalized energy combinations created with sequences of sacred geometric shapes and colors.  The grids are sent to your aura to manifest intentions gently, easily and quickly.  As a result your aura changes to hold the new higher vibration of light to awaken special gifts and celebrate your light.

Different Types of Energy and Light Activation Grids

During your initial free consultation, Heidi will help you determine which type of grid will be right for you.

A Personal Light Grid will assist you in attracting harmonious energies to support and empower your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies.  The grid will be configured by choosing and installing the appropriate color and shape for each of your 7 Chakras to empower and activate your energy


A Stationary/Space Light Activation Grid stabilizes energies around your physical world.  It will create a space that invites beneficial energies into your home, work space, a building, your car and your life.  The grid enhances positive energies and clears away negative energies in your physical world.  As you change how you relate to your outer environments and the objects within them, your inner life shifts as well.


An Intermediate Light Grid consist of 49 shapes and colors.  It is created for short to medium term goals.  This grid provides the extra umph and energy that is needed to gain clarity, remove obstacles to a goal, manifest a job, create cash, advance personal projects, manifest goals, repair relationships, or create new business.

Along with an Intermediate Grid, a Community Light Grid will be created to benefit public service/social change, an environmental cause and or particular organization or a group of people about which you are passionate.


An Advanced Light Grid combines 144 shapes into energy powerhouses for big goals, major changes and creating more satisfying realities. They are powerful sources of light that can last more long-tem, even lifetimes. They assist you in breaking through known and unknown issues to bring your desires and wishes into the physical plane.

Along with an Advanced Light Language Grid, a Community Light Grid will be created.

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to request information, ask any questions or
schedule your FREE 20-minute consultation with Heidi, today!

CLICK here >> to request information, ask any questions or
schedule your FREE 20-minute consultation with Heidi, today!