Creative Visioning & Dream Mapping

Live Your Dream Life

A vision is the playing ground where you unfold your dreams into reality. Your vision embodies the force within you, driving you into action. It is essential to bring prosperity and success into our lives for personal, business and leadership.

In the Creative Visioning process we open ourselves to a Divine idea for our life. It is a process of allowing that which is unlimited in all of us to come into view. We respond by becoming the vision as it expresses in us, through us, as us.

Dream Mapping is a diagram for manifesting dreams into reality. A Dream Map is a way of capturing your deepest hopes and offering them up to the Universe in physical form. It is similar to a dream board although Heidi’s Dream Mapping Activation process takes it to an entirely higher level.  Heidi takes her intuitive wisdom and combines sacred geometry and color combinations together to activate the space, creative process, your self and your dreams, and together, you elevate them to higher vibrations. This is where the magic, miracles and Divine connections align allowing for our most pure and wholesome visions to become manifest.

Benefits of Creative Visioning & Dream Mapping Activation Session

• Activate Creativity
• Enhances and activate your energy
• Fine tune your intuition
• Align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
• Fine tune your language communication about what you want in life
• Experience joy and create your dreams into reality
• Tell the Universe that you are serious about creating what you want in life, and that you are willing to spend the time and energy it takes to map it out
• Fully engage your essential nature and talents and gifts you are here to share with the planet
• Focus resources and energy
• Clear blockages and patterns that are holding you back from realizing your dreams.
• Gain clarity about your life’s purpose and your heart’s desires so you can more consciously create the life you are meant to live
• Create a sacred space so you can tune into your true essence and create from this pure space
• Stress relief and relaxation because you become more organized and responsible in the way you wan use your creative powers
• Unify and align your thoughts, emotions and various other aspects of your wholeness with higher possibilities that are always available to you as your divine right
• Focus your attention and intention so that your heart’s desires can move from the realm of possibility to probability and begin to manifest in the world more easily, quickly and gracefully
• Gain inspiration and become inspired to take action toward your dreams
• Self Confidence Booster
• Positive change not only in your world, but in the world-at-large
• Use your consciousness and creative powers to help manifest a world worthy of us all
• Awaken your inner strength
• Strengthen ambitions and motivation

Creative Visioning & Dream Mapping Activation Session

FREE Initial Consultation:  30 minutes

In our first complimentary 30 minute phone or Skype conversation, we’ll discuss what area of your life you feel called to transition, transform, build, change or receive clarity about. Your information provides direction for the Creative Visioning & Dream Mapping Activation Session.

In the initial 3 hour session, we will structure a blueprint of your life that consists of:

• Goals
• Beliefs – those that either block you or help you to succeed
• Business and/or Personal Life aspirations
• Vision(s)
• Passions that ignite your soul•
• Dreams that inspire your world

Heidi’s intuitive gift is to see how your life experiences have blocked you from accomplishing your dreams and goals. She will hold your spiritual blueprint in her mind and help you realize the emotions that either support or block your growth, and together you will map out a new path.

Together you will next map out three to four Dream Maps and, honoring the pace of the creative flow, together you will determine what other areas you want to focus on, manifest and activate.

Heidi’s process takes it to an entirely higher level by activating your Dream Maps. Heidi intuitively combines sacred geometry and color combinations together to activate the creative space, your self and your visions so you can build brilliant bridges and pathways to your dreams, faster than you can imagine.

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Supportive Exercises & Techniques during sessions

• Invocations: As we magnetize the light and energy towards ourselves we feel more joy, wisdom, clarity, harmony, purpose, strength, creativity and love.
• Energy Enhancements: Ground and connect to your Highest Self, heal and purify the body and get the energy flowing to increase your well-being and power of manifestation.
• Gratitude & Appreciation Exercises
• Affirmation Exercises: To ground and affirm that which you are imagining.
• Clearing Techniques: Clear limiting thoughts and beliefs to get the energy moving and flowing.
• Guidance & Spiritual Connection Techniques: Tune into your Spiritual Companions: Guides, guardians and angels.

Elements of Creative Visioning & Dream Mapping

• Inception: Plant the seed of your dreams in the soul of the Universe
• Essence: Connect with the heart and soul of your vision and dreams
• Expression: Be in a space where you are expressing from your greatness
• Expand: Stretch and go beyond your comfort zone
• Amplify: Emanate positively charged energy to propel your dreams forward
• Fruition: Tap into the mystery and magic that bring your dreams into reality

Categories of Creative Visioning & Dream Mapping

• Self Image
• Self Mastery
• Health
• Relationships
• Career/Job
• Creative Genius
• Family & Community
• Lifestyle & Leisure
• Spiritual
• Planet and Humanity
• Clarity
• Career
• Power
• Gratitude
• Devotion
• Worth

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