: Wisdom

Practicing Gratitude

Research shows that just a few minutes of feeling gratitude can calm the nervous system as it creates a resonant state in which the rhythms of the heart, breathing, blood pressure and brain are synchronized. Here is my prayer—what is yours?

How I practice Gratitude: every day 20 minutes: people, places, experiences, guidance, god, higher self, objects, people,

Appreciate the value and contribution of one person in your life each day—a personal quality or something he or she has done. Make a commitment to communicate your appreciation to them.  Then have a silent meditation to send them love, blessings and appreciation.  This practice will truly change you and improve your relationships dramatically. List at least five people whom you respect and appreciate something about them:

Express your gratitude when someone has helped you. Don’t take anything for granted.  Make a commitment to thank them, either in person or by a phone call or email.  Then send them love, blessings and appreciation in your meditation.  Write down three things for which you are grateful:

Appreciate yourself:  now write down at least five things that you appreciate about yourself—positive gifts or qualities you have for which you are grateful. (Then reflect on whether this is harder for you to do than the first two exercises!):”

Thank you for being YOU!