Meet Heidi

Heidi’s World

With each breath that we take, with each choice that we make, we create the world in which we live, grow and thrive.

Heidi’s world is filled with mountains and valleys of exploration, vast oceans of possibility, flowing rivers of consciousness and meadows bathed in color rippled by gentle breezes of awareness. The streams of light bathing it all in cleansing radiance.

Heidi has dedicated her life to populating her world with you who seek growth, self-realization, and the next phase of your quest for fulfillment. She delights in activating your inner power and purpose by inspiring you to awaken to the unique gifts, the love, the beauty and the energy available in your world.

To live life fully, it is essential to be present in the beauty of every waking moment, to recognize the opportunity present in everything, and to continually expand one’s field of awareness. Every day is a blessing. The universe opens up to you when you acknowledge the gift of each breath.  Heidi’s mission is to facilitate your connection with your own truth, inner wisdom, guidance, and intuition so that you can attune to your own divinity, creativity and magic.

It is her deepest desire to apply her powers as a healer, teacher/educator and creative visionary to assist in raising the vibration of loving on the planet, creating the next shift in the evolution of human consciousness.

Heidi’s Journey

Heidi’s path to her current practice and array of service offerings has been a counter-intuitive yet guided unfolding. Her professional life started in the world of graphic arts where she attained great success as a creator of gift-wrap designs and as an entrepreneur who developed a simple and elegant collection of vibrant, mix-and-match wrapping papers, note cards and journals. This work led to an invitation from Rockport Publishers to create the book Pattern & Palette 2, a guide to color coordination and sophisticated pattern styles – a book widely used to inspire and provide unconventional insight into the nature and application of color combination and pattern design. Her graphics career and website SHOPHEIDI.COM – created to help activate people’s innate desire to be more thoughtful gift-givers – were pursued as a way of being in service to human potential. Yes her success in this field did not satisfy her deep personal need to contribute more fully to the well-being of the planet.

Heidi has been a healer her whole life.  She has learned from, and worked with, teachers from around the world. Her life mission came into clearer focus when she followed a calling to share her skills and talents by signing up to teach Working Towards Women’s Empowerment in Tanzania, Africa. She lived and worked there for nine months, teaching basic business and branding, relationship and communications enhancement, and English. Though she taught much and was gratified by many signs of the benefits of her contributions, she was rewarded even more fully by the deep lessons she learned from the inspiring people with whom she lived and worked. This was the turning point that moved healing and teaching to the forefront of her life.

Her initial formal healing work was energy-focused, arising from her study of Light Language under lineage holder Starr Fuentes. Heidi became first a practitioner and then a teacher of this ancient Mayan system of healing that uses light, color and sacred geometry. During this period, Heidi also developed the visioning process she uses to assist people in empowering and illuminating dreams so that they manifest in reality. She has been successfully practicing these healing arts for years and has had the deep satisfaction of assisting countless clients to move closer to their aspirations and their true natures as she, herself, continues to move towards her own highest manifestation.

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