Client Praise

It is a magical experience to feel your dreams come alive. The feeling of activation is undeniable when lucid visions paint your waking and dreaming hours. My dream mapping session with Heidi enabled me to build a beautiful palette of visions, of which I can enhance, meditate on, and continually reinforce with affirming thoughts. After just a few days, I have already been attracting many people and circumstances that are supporting the acceleration of my pursuits and manifestation. I feel as though I am standing on an enthusiastic wave of motivation, clarity, and abundance. Thank you Heidi for blessing me with your grace and insight! You have altered my path in a meaningful way, and look forward to going deeper with our work together! – Substance

From the moment I stepped into sacred space with Heidi, my spirit felt revitalized. She was very hospitable, patient, and thorough with answering any questions I had and preparing me for our session, including cleansing and activating my chakras. I appreciated the opportunity to really ground and settle my energy before beginning our dream mapping activation. It felt really good to freely write and flow- visioning in detail about all the elements that will support the intention we focused on. I was glad to have Heidi encourage me every step of the way, and give me great inspiration and ideas right when I thought I couldn’t think of anything more! She also helped me refine the dates by which I set to complete some of the more challenging tasks- by doing muscle tests to identify subconscious resistance. Overall, the session was empowering and a joyful exploration of possibilities that left me in high spirits, accompanied with a feeling of confidence and a quiet certainty regarding the sustainability of all the intentions set forth. – Corrinne Lagarde

Heidi is an amazing healer with a very special touch.  I was having lots of pain in my shoulder before my consultation and it completely disappeared after visiting her.  Heidi’s extensive knowledge and experience with crystals was impressive and gave me a strong sense of comfort during and after the session.  Her intuitive guidance and gentle touch put me into a relaxing and blissful state of consciousness.  If I had to describe my experience in two words, it would definitely be “Energy Magic”. – Joey Mendelsohn

I was impacted deeply, but in completely different ways, by the Practice and the Practitioner.  I found the Practice to be intellectually impossible to buy into, yet found myself rewarded not only by its positive results, but also by the beautiful reminder it brought of the richness of experience that can come from trusting the incomprehensible.  On the Practitioner side, however, no imagination or suspension of disbelief is required.  Heidi’s gifts and the radiance of her positive energy are clear, abundant, contagious, healing and energizing.  Her ability to completely and egolessly be fully present with you enables you to surrender  safely and simply to the possibilities of healing and growth. – Drew

Heidi is an extremely talented visionary artist and her knowledge in light language is really incredible! I had a session with Heidi where we did a dream map activation for my business and future home. Heidi guided me to be as creative as possible and really put thought into every detail of everything I would want for myself. During our session, Heidi used her intuition to add sacred geometry to my map in the areas that needed activation. It was so much fun and I felt like her guidance really opened up my creativity and got me excited about my future! We had beautiful music playing in the background and the crystals she had hanging in her home reflected beautiful rainbow patterns all over my map…further adding to the magical experience! – Kara Mooney

From the minute I met Heidi, an amazing sense of warmth was present.  She has a wonderful sense of self and the surroundings around her.  Heidi is a talented visionary and strong leader.  She knows where she is headed and has all the tools to get there.  And inspire and empower others to live a better life along the way – EcoJoe

Heidi is a creative genius and a sweet yet powerful guide to discovering our own inner creative fierceness. She combines the ancient art of mastering manifestation with the effective down to business strategies. It is such a pleasure and treat to work with her because there is always an essence of discovery and fun always present. What I love most about my sessions with Heidi has been that all is done with heart and beauty. I would never star my year, or a new project without her visioning process. I have done so much this year that working with Heidi has made a huge impact on all areas of my life. If you want to take yourself and your vision to the next level don’t miss out on Heidi’s magic and guidance.  – Xochitl Ashe